Herald: End of gravy train causes DuPage County employees to retire

Sep. 11, 2011

Robert Sanchez, Daily Herald 

Last year, 25 DuPage County employees retired — a number that was dwarfed this year when 104 colleagues who decided to join them in retirement.

DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin says it’s no coincidence that the number of retirements increased as county board members were making significant changes to employee time-off benefits.

“There’s a reason why more than 100 employees have left,” Cronin told the Daily Herald Editorial Board last week. “I think it’s because of the policies. We were talking about reforming and changing the employee benefit packages and scaling them back.”

Board members last month agreed to trim time-off benefits in an effort to save DuPage as much as $28 million over the next two decades.

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