Rockford Register Star: DuPage County cuts government with consolidation

March 9, 2014

Kari Lydersen / Better Government Association, Rockford Register Star

In the past three years DuPage has saved about $80 million while consolidating and cutting government, according to county officials.

DuPage’s focus centers on consolidating and transforming redundant agencies that perform many of the same tasks, including: mosquito abatement, treating and collecting sewage, maintaining street lights, firefighting, even hosting the annual county fair.

About 20 miles west of Chicago, DuPage County is the largest regional government in Illinois to make government consolidation a top priority. It hopes to be a model for Illinois but the county’s efforts show that there is no cookie-cutter approach.

“To dial back and dissolve these creatures that were established is very, very challenging,” said Daniel J. Cronin, county board chairman and a driving force behind the government consolidation effort.

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