March 8, 2017

Positively Naperville

DuPage County Report

On Wednesday, DuPage County Board Chairman and Forest Preserve District of DuPage County President Joe Cantore outlined $275,000 in taxpayer savings recently achieved through shared services and joint-purchasing agreements and projected additional savings to grow annually.

DuPage County and the Forest Preserve District point to the area of Information Technology, in which significant taxpayer savings demonstrates the value of increased collaboration. Efforts to share software-licensing agreements, Geographic Information System services for mapping and one locale to house hardware for data backup purposes have already realized $246,000 in combined savings. It is predicted that collective savings could grow by as much as $100,000 over the next year in that same area.

In another example, officials highlight a cost savings of more than $29,000 for the purchase of aggregate stone and gravel for trail maintenance and landscaping projects at DuPage forest preserves after the District entered a joint bid with the County’s Public Works department to lock in a lower price. The Forest Preserve District and County’s Division of Transportation also partnered on a tree removal project along Naperville Road in Wheaton to expedite services with reduced disruption to the public.

DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin said, “When local government works well, it generally doesn’t make news. But it’s important to pay attention to efforts like these. We are determined to wring value out of each and every cent we spend. It’s not enough for us to simply provide a service. The bar is much higher. We have to be satisfied, and we must communicate to our residents, that we are constantly pursuing ways to increase cost effectiveness. I’m pleased to enjoy this partnership with the Forest Preserve District which provides real, measureable value to taxpayers.”


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