Quad City Dispatch: Consolidation tough, yes, but not impossible

Oct. 20, 2017

Editorial, Quad City Dispatch Argus

There are plenty of reasons why eliminating taxing bodies in Illinois is nearly as rare as confirmed Big Foot sightings.

The biggest impediment, of course, has been state laws designed to protect the rights of the taxing bodies, not taxpaying residents. Recently, however, there has been a welcome shift in Springfield toward creating legal paths to help citizens control the number and size of their local government bodies….

Despite the rarity and difficulty of citizen-led government reductions, there ARE places Henry County can turn for advice; for example, DuPage County, where board chairman Dan Cronin says local leaders have shown consolidation “can and does work.”

Leaders and voters there have aggressive ways to rightsize their county, which have, in turn, helped to drive statewide efforts to make consolidation possible, and a little easier.

Unfortunately, laws will do nothing about the fact that leaders who champion consolidation probably won’t win many friends among elected officials whose jobs are on the line.

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