Naperville Sun: DuPage Election Commission merger question OK’d for spring ballot

December 12, 2017

Gary Gibula, Naperville Sun

DuPage County officials approved an advisory referendum for the March primary ballot Tuesday asking residents if they support merging the county election commission into the county clerk’s office.

While the results will not be binding, DuPage officials said they hope the outcome will provide the impetus Springfield lawmakers need to pass a stalled bill to consolidate the two county offices…

DuPage County Chairman Daniel Cronin, a Republican, said he believed the reason the bill did not come out of committee was tied to what he called “Democratic bickering” over who would be chosen for the proposed five-person election board.

“It’s water under the bridge,” Cronin said. “So we’re simply proposing a full-fledged consolidation into the clerk’s office, with the oversight an issue left for another day. It’s my hope that we put this question before voters and they overwhelmingly support it.”

DuPage and Kankakee are the only two Illinois counties that maintain separate election commissions. Officials estimate that consolidating the office will save DuPage taxpayers at least $300,000 annually.

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