Dan Cronin - DuPage County Board Chairman

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dancroninportrait During his first two years as DuPage County Board Chairman, Dan Cronin has led the effort to reduce the size, scope and cost of local government. Since taking office in November 2010, Chairman Cronin has cut the county budget by nearly $13 million, reduced full-time headcount and trimmed costly employee benefits.

Last year, Dan launched his signature policy – the ACT Initiative – which stands for Accountability, Consolidation and Transparency. Following an evaluation of two dozen independent agencies in DuPage County, Dan developed a wide-ranging plan aimed at containing costs, demanding greater transparency and identifying areas ripe for consolidation. This spring, Dan will seek passage of state legislation that will authorize the consolidation – or even elimination – of outdated or obsolete public agencies in DuPage County.

The ACT Initiative has yielded significant results for DuPage taxpayers:

• Seventeen independent agencies have adopted ethics policies that mirror the stringent policy enforced at the County level. Many others have eliminated taxpayer-paid credit cards and cell phones, provided information online for the first time and strengthened procurement and personnel policies.

• An agreement with Kane County to provide juvenile detention services will save $1.2 million annually; the unused DuPage facility is now leased to a local providers that offers youth services and will generate more than $500,000 to the county over four years.

• New board members have been appointed to several agencies, bringing in new ideas and fresh leadership. For the first time, women have been appointed to three fire protection district boards.

• Taxpayers will save hundreds of thousands each year due to major reforms at the DuPage Election Commission. A new board of directors was appointed last year and have instituted significant cost-saving measures such as eliminating some positions, sharing services with county government and re-bidding costly contracts.

In addition to accomplishments under the ACT Initiative, other policy measures have been implemented in order to save additional tax dollars. Reforms to employee benefits such as vacation time and sick pay will save $20 million over the next years 20 years. Replacing the County’s outdated technology capabilities will save another $9 million over 20 years as well.

Chairman Cronin will continue to advocate on behalf of DuPage taxpayers on regional issues such as infrastructure, public transit and economic development. As a member of the Governor’s task force on Western Access near O’Hare Airport, Dan will work with area leaders to promote the completion of this critical project that will benefits DuPage County residents and business owners in the future.