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About Dan

Dan Cronin has been working hard for families in the western suburbs since 1990. As a lawmaker, his priorities have always been better schools for our children, public safety, tax relief and improving our quality of life. Dan was first elected County Board Chairman in 2010 after serving in the Illinois General Assembly for 20 years. One of his crowning achievements is the ACT Initiative, the goal of which is to create a more accountable, transparent, and efficient form of government here in DuPage County.


You can do more with less.

Since becoming Chairman, DuPage County has cut its budget by 9% and is operating with fewer employees than before. Cutting $43.9 million without reducing services wasn’t easy from the budget wasn’t easy, but it was the responsible thing to do for taxpayers.

Doing government better.

In government, the status quo can be a powerful force. Too often, “doing things same old way” costs taxpayers a lot of money. That’s why DuPage County began the ACT Initiative to bring Accountability, Consolidation and Transparency to the numerous layers of county government. To date, the reforms implemented are projected to save taxpayers $116 million.

Reformed and repealed.

Before becoming Chairman, I sponsored legislation to reform the DuPage County Water Commission after learning that it had misspent $70 million. Through the reforms instituted at the Commission, outstanding debt was paid off early saving taxpayers $10 million and water rates were lowered. The Commission’s sales tax was repealed June 1, 2016, which saves consumers at least $36 million every year. 

Zero. Zilch. Nada. No Property Tax Increase.

In politics everyone talks about how skyrocketing property taxes are putting pressure on families. In DuPage County, we believe in action. While the average government in the County has increased their share of the property tax by 3% every year, DuPage County has held its levy flat. The property tax freeze by DuPage County has cumulatively saved taxpayers $1.5 billion in property taxes. 

Dedicated to reducing the size, scope and cost of local government.